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The Importance of a Strong Accounting & Finance Recruiter

Life After Public Accounting

You came, you saw, you conquered public accounting. Now what is next in your career? It has been a well-defined, almost predictable path up until this point: obtain accounting degree – check, 150 credit hours – check, pass the CPA exam – check, several busy seasons under your belt –check.  But now that you have decided the Partner track is not for you, the decision tree has many branches to navigate.  What are the next steps in planning your exit?

Understand Your Options

Where do you want to be in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years? Taking some time to think about your long-term career goals will help you determine the right next move. Reflect on your strengths and the areas of your role that you really enjoy and excel in. Are you a strong technical accountant, but want to impact a company from the inside rather than being the pesky auditor? Or did you realize that you are highly analytical and enjoy thinking about future performance and want to make a switch into Finance? Are you still not sure, but want to impact a company through an internal audit development program that rotates into the business upon completion?  What industries are you passionate about? Does travel appeal to you or impede upon your personal? What distance are you willing to commute? Are you interested in higher/continued education? What benefits are most important to you?

Engage an Experienced and Reputable Accounting and Finance Recruiter

Start working with a qualified recruiter that has a proven track record of placing your peers or superiors into progressive companies and roles. Be selective when determining the recruiter you want to partner with on your search.  Do your due diligence and review their background. Did they begin their career in your field? Are they highly recommended by a co-worker or contact in your network? Are they doing their due diligence on your background, skills and aspirations? An effective recruiter should put a lot of emphasis on getting to know you and what your career drivers are.

"Our professional networks are strong, our experience is proven and our results are unmatched."