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4 Signs that Indicate it’s Time for a New Accounting or Finance Job

Career complacency is dangerous. So is stagnation. Don’t let your peers pass you by. Below are four signs that may indicate it’s time to consider moving onto a new opportunity.

1.  Lack of Professional Development

One of the most important signs of a healthy career in accounting or finance is that you are continuously expanding your skills and exposure and receiving advice. It’s important to have a manager who is engaged in your own professional progression and provides you with frequent, productive feedback. If this is missing in your current role, then it’s time to seriously consider making a move.

2.  Not Challenged

A job worth keeping is one that allows you to challenge yourself, acquire new skills and contribute to your professional development. If you feel unchallenged, make the effort to seek out new projects or more challenging work. If your requests fall upon deaf ears, then it’s time to seriously consider making a move.

3.  High Employee Turnover

Are you in an environment where resignations are as common as conference calls or PowerPoint presentations? Has your company developed a bad reputation “on the street” and become known as a “revolving door”? It’s important to avoid these types of companies and environments because an organization’s poor reputation has a direct impact on your career progression. If your company fits into this category, it’s time to seriously consider making a move.

4.  There’s Room to Grow….Just Not For You

If you feel you are excelling at your current role, but, you have been passed over for a promotion multiple times, then it’s time to seriously consider making a move. While there could be many reasons why you were not promoted, being shorted several times indicates that your organization may not be invested in your career progression and future. However, before you decide to pull the plug on your current job, make sure you have exhausted every avenue to get a good understanding of the situation. Have you spoken to everyone involved in the decision making process to ensure that you understand the factors? Ask questions to determine how much of the decision had to do with your performance vs. how much has to do with something or someone out of your control.

Life is too short to remain in a role that limits your career growth. Whether you are looking for greater professional development, or you feel unsupported by your organization, or it’s just a natural time to move on, Talent Source Group can help.

We are experts in accounting and finance career counseling and can guide you through your job search.

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